24 January 2011

typing Skillz and My weekend

So I've been sick all weekend and I just discovered that the backspace key on tis (this) keyboard is literally broken.


This should be interesteing.

I saw a doctor this morning. She told me it awas probably just a cold (that lasted waaay longer than I feel it hsould have) but I should take a special decongestant anyway.
She also prescribed an inhaler.
Kinda random.

What was the point of telling you taht? I'll be honest, I don't really remember, but I can't get rid of it, nor my plethora of typos, because of my little backspace-key problem.

I'm actually somewhat disappointed that it wasn't something like pneumonia (I typed that really slow because I wanted it to be right!) because pneumonia would have given me an excuse to stay home and SLEEP.

Yes, I'm that tired.

So here are my options: push through one more year of school so I can get Spanish learned and out of the way and then drop dead
proclaim this as my last semester for a while adn take a break. (I miss the backspace-key sooo much right now)

I could take a break and come back. People do that.

Or I'll have kids, move out of the state, live in a house and be forty years old before I come back again.

...but would that be so bad?

It's all so hypothetical anyway.

When next we meet, I willhave fixed this silly backspace-key. Or I'll be typing from another computer. *shrug* Either way...

17 January 2011

A time to Be Still

It's 2 a.m. I can't sleep. Probably because I slept for most of the day.

Not normal, I know.

I hope I'm just getting sick with a cold or something. There are other, more ominous things that could be happening to my body, so I choose to delude myself into believing that it's just an oncoming cold. Something benign and transient, something I could survive.

Ah, sweet denial, my erstwhile f(r)iend. It's been too long since last we met.

I like the silent stillness of this hour. Nearly polar opposite of my life 12 hours ago - the midday counterpart to this nighttime solace.
I like the steady ticking of my roman numeral clock. I like the patter of rain on my window. I like how the artificial light from the streets reflects back down to earth off the thick cloud cover, giving the world a melancholy illumination.

I think I would enjoy being nocturnal.

I want to harvest as many of these still hours as I can. There's a potential here to get the things done that I wasn't able to even approach during the day. As soon as the sun comes up the world will begin moving faster, and I'll get left behind again.

My soul is ragged and raw, but there's no need to try to conceal it from anyone. I'm the only one here. I can be. A small revelation, perhaps, but it has freed me from considerable anxiety.

I didn't realize I was carrying so much anxiety. Such a weight.

It's good to (finally) be alone.

13 January 2011

slightly Less Than thrilling news

Just so you know, just fyi, just so you're "in the know" with the "down low" and the...okay I'm done.

I started another blog.

...awkward silence....

It'll be a cool blog, I swear! I'm going to post all of the art assignments this semester as I complete them. There will be paintings, heads and pretty much any groovy art-related thing I come across.

So if you're interested, you can check that blog out by clicking the link on the right (over here ---------------->)
titled "The Arduous Journey of an Average Artist."

I'm totally open to giving it a different title, so if you have ideas, please let me know by posting a comment either on this post or on the other blog

And if, for whatever strange and intensely personal reason, you don't feel comfortable with clicking on a link, the direct url is: http://hobbit-art.blogspot.com

I love how I've never had a problem with url availability when I find a way to include the word "hobbit."

Which reminds me, I have several new cartoons of me as a hobbit to post. W00t, right?

Hope to see you there. Peace.

11 January 2011

irritates Me To no End

Blockhead has a completely different work schedule from me, we're not even supposed to see each other this semester, and yet he's always here!!!

I'm only scheduled for the next half hour and then I was going to lock up the office and go home. But in strolls Blockhead, like he owns the place, and settles in our supervisor's desk (she just left) and is now doing homework.

What the heck?

(honestly, if you're a student and you need to do homework, then use the student computer labs all over campus - don't come into the office after hours when there are labs provided to you for that purpose)

So he's sitting in the other room, being an idiot, and I'm getting irritated, and he says to me:

"So tell me this, are you a fan of a firm bed or a soft bed?"

What the heck?

Why would you ever ask that? Ever?? To ANYONE??

I wish I could explain it away by saying, "Well, he's just a creeper. It's a creepy question, so of course he would ask that." Then roll my eyes and shrug it off.

But he's not. He's really, really not. He's just a dense blockhead with no sense of social normality, trying to make conversation. After I said, "I don't know, Blockhead. I really don't." He said:

"Oh well I was just wonderin' cuz everyone has their own sense of what's comfortable and what's not and everyone has their own opinion and whatnot and I was just wonderin'...*mumble mumble*"

See? Awkward idiot who is socially inept.

There's another socially inept individual who has latched herself to me and my group of Art Student Friends. I can ignore her. Even when she's sitting less than a foot away from me and trying to talk to me, I have the capacity to give a one-word answer, turn my head, and forget about her existence.

If only I could do the same with Blockhead. The afore-mentioned girl (known as Fungus Girl to some of us) makes me uncomfortable, but Blockhead makes me angry. Frustrated, irritated, and angry. I've actually sworn at him in my head a couple of times. He's incompetent and an idiot and I don't know how to cope with that combination.

He keeps trying to start conversations with me but I can't make out any of the words through his chronic mumbling.

Forget this, I'm going home early.

07 January 2011

is It actually funny Or am I Just starved For Entertainment?

The semester has started out really well. My teachers are great: amiable and competent. (just how I like 'em) They've also turned out to be quite humorous. I don't know if they'll be as funny out of context, but here's a glimpse into what my day is filled with and what makes me chuckle:

"No floating heads, please. They can be...quite disturbing."
(Peter Sakievich, teacher of Rendering the Human Head class, telling us why we should include a background on our self-portraits)

"Never say, 'Never.' Just say, 'Yes! I embrace all things in my life!'"
(amazing Courtney Davis, explaining how she swore she would never work as a lawyer in litigation or family law, only to be hired by a firm that worked exclusively in litigation and family law. this advice, to me, is golden.)

"That's just them trying to separate you from your money."
(Will Terry looking out for his students. maybe not that funny as far as phrases go, I've just never heard it before. I'll now be on the lookout for anyone trying to "separate" me from my money.)

Good times. Good, good times.

04 January 2011

Entertainment At the Expense of An intelligible Narrative


Classes start at 10:00 a.m.

so so sooo much better than starting at 8:00 a.m. like last semester

I will be learning about Rendering the Human Head, which is good because thus far I've just been making stuff up: What does a jaw bone look like? What's a jaw? People have jaws? Let's just draw flowers! Aaaaagh!!

I'll also be taking Art History - Art and Architecture of the 20th Century. I'm really excited about this class. Not only will I be taking it with my good friend Lee and her husband Tyler, but the class is being taught by the lovely and astounding Miss Courtney Davis. *fangirl squeal*
(holy cow get a grip...she's only the most amazing teacher that the university has to offer, nothing to get overly excited about...remember you're an adult now...way too mature for fangirl squealing...breathe in, breathe out, breathe in....)
*fangirl squeal*

It would probably frighten Ms. Davis if she knew how much I worship her from afar. I need to get over my inferiority complex and just be friends with her.

I will also be taking Spanish 1020. ...again.

Inner Dialogue:
Do I need to explain this? I feel like I should explain this...
But I don't want to! It's long and dull and...long. There's got to be a way to summarize my reason for re-taking a class that I aced without raising a tedious string of questions.
(end inner dialogue)

I really want to know how to speak Spanish.



I'll be taking Illustrative Media and Techniques II (which I thought was going to be taught by Don Seegmiller again, but according to the online schedule, it's being taught by William Terry. William Terry? Who the heck is William Terry?) and that class should have more than a few familiar faces. That's good - it means my social anxiety/severe discomfort can take a break that day.

And then, of course, the weekly evening AVC Lecture.

I have very high hopes for this next semester. Stay tuned to see them all dashed and thwarted before week's end! Yay!!

Now, I feel I must be getting back to my book [NERD ALERT] :
The Judgement of Paris:
The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism

by Ross King
which has been my free-reading for the Holiday Break.

Oh yeah, and Happy 2011, y'all.

03 January 2011

just In time For School

At long last!

I can talk, and not squeak! I can breathe, and not cough! I can eat, and not be filled with regret and misgivings!

I am healed!

And there was much rejoicing!!