25 January 2013

"Or" has Got To Be my Favorite conjunction

The baby is asleep so I can blog!

Or watch The 10th Kingdom.

Or play Boggle with some awesome people.

Or read another chapter of Fellowship of the Ring.

Or like a billion other things that my baby has distracted me from doing.

All of those things, however, share the ultimate goal of helping me to avoid The Real World.

The Real World:
Taking care of my car (replenishing the coolant, checking the tire pressure, oil levels, etc etc etc), depositing my husband's paycheck and then budgeting our bills, calling my daughter's pediatrician to negotiate her immunization schedule, tracking down W2s and other pertinent tax information to get started on our tax return for 2012, and probably another dozen things that I've avoided and procrastinated so well that I've forgotten they ever existed.
On top of all this add the fact that I'm very tired and my brain is completely fried. You can see why I'm employing all my best avoidance skills and vaguely hoping The Real World will be easier to tackle tomorrow.

Or maybe after the weekend.

Or maybe someone else will do it for me.

Ooh! Ooh! I know what I want to do while the baby naps. I've made my decision:


I'm going to nap, too.

Don't judge me, Real World. I feel good about my life choices. I don't need your approval.