06 October 2011

I Like To be cryptic Now and then

I have (slash) had a dream.

In this dream I knew that a monster was coming. I also knew that I couldn't avoid the monster. But if I could get to my destination before it came again, then I could bear the monster's presence.

The monster doesn't stay forever.

The monster never really leaves.

~End dream. Enter reality.~

I didn't reach the destination.

The monster came. It was ugly. But that's not what this is about.

This is about the dream.

I didn't make it to the destination on the first try, but maybe I can make it on the second try. Or would it be better to set my sights on some nearer safehaven?


The monster will come again.

The monster never really leaves.

The choice will not make any difference unless I can start to move forward once more.

I know the monster is coming. I know I can't avoid the monster.