10 December 2011

revealing google's Inherent distrust

The guilt of living in the real world and thereby neglecting my virtual one, has finally become too much for me to bear. So, for you, a blog post:

(and this is a true story)

I wrote an email to a friend and part of that email pertained to how wonderful, patient, and sweet my husband is (not bragging, just saying). The very next time I logged into Gmail there was an ad (you know how they generate ads based on what your emails are about? yeah, one of those) that dumbfounded me. This was it, word for word:

"Is He Lying To You? Spokeo.com/Uncover-Liars - 1) Search His Email Address Fast. 2) See Hidden Pics & Profiles Now!"


WTF, Gmail? Why you gotta be that way?