27 July 2014

the Effects of watching TV with A Two Year old

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is one of Ellie's favorite shows right now.

Have you seen it?

'Cuz I sure have.

Yesterday we watched the episode where the children learn when it's appropriate to be silly and when they need to be calm.
All the children were sitting on the floor for story time as the Owl read to them.
Except Prince Wednesday. He was hopping around the floor saying “Ribbit! I'm a frog! Ribbit!"
It distracted from the story, but Owl didn't seem to notice. He just kept reading.

Daniel noticed.

At first he said softly, “Prince Wednesday, I can't hear the story.”
Slightly louder, but still kindly, “Prince Wednesday, I really want to hear this story.”
Now with a soft tiger growl, “Grrr, Prince Wednesday, I can't hear the story!”
Then Daniel stood up, “Stop it, Prince Wednesday!”
And two guards marched in, “Did you raise your voice to the prince?” seized Daniel and took him away.
His mother cried as he looked out from behind cold, iron bars of the dungeon-

No. Wait. That's not right.
Oh yeah....
They sang a song together so Prince Wednesday could calm down. And finished story time. That's what happened.

I should probably get out more.