03 February 2015

I'm a bit Scattered and stuff...does It show?

I have news of brobdingnagian proportions!
(oh yeah, it's a word. dictionary.com's Word of the Day, fool!)

Pronounced just how it sounds. Brob-ding-NAG-eeyun. It means huge or gigantic.

I've been really into words lately. New words, obscure words, words that will give me an edge in BOGGLE.

(boggle? yes. boggle. that game with the letters and words, yeah, that one.)

My sister warned me not to download any games onto my tablet because it becomes a time-suck and the purpose of the tablet is to help promote my art Suspended Dreams and make me more efficient blah blah blah...

But surely one game won't hurt. A puzzle game that makes me smarter while wasting time, so it's actually like being productive, surely would be alright.

So I chose Boggle.

And now I can't stop.

And my friend said I should write a blog post about it and I said I can't, I'm playing Boggle, but here's the blog post so what happened (you may be asking yourself)???

I uninstalled it.

I had to.

It was taking over my days, taking over my nights, getting into my dreams. I literally dreamt about three to five-letter word combinations and high scores.

And that's where I draw the line (apparently).

Even now I keep thinking about it and how easy it would be to install it again.

Good thing I'm not a smoker cuz if it's this hard to quit a word puzzle game, imagine me trying to quit a drug like nicotine. Hopeless.

I'm going to pack some boxes. Get my mind off of it.

(pack boxes? what??)

Oh yeah. I'm moving soon. Did I forget to mention that?
Probably boggles's fault. It made me forget to do all kinds of things.

I'm moving! I guess that's my brobdingnagian news. Not far, still in AZ, just need to hop over to the next town for hubby's new job. So I gotta pack boxes.