22 November 2012

a Blog post! Oh Good, miss hobbit's not Dead

So. It's Thanksgiving.

True story so far.

So far, so good.

I feel like I ought to write something...thanksgiving-ish. Or something.

I usually start these posts with some kind of idea of what I'm going to say. This time that's all I've got: "It's Thanksgiving." So Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

Let's just start somewhere...

My husband's family is here for Thanksgiving. Aunts and uncles and cousins. We all enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving meal together at about 1:00. When it was over we cleaned everything up. And when everything was washed and put away we began wandering around the house, around each other, wondering what to do next.
Black Friday shopping is tonight, you know, so it's not like anyone could go home. Not yet.

That's where we are now. Some are watching T.V. or puttering around with kids (my baby is asleep, so I'm off the hook for a little while) and leafing through catalogs, thinking about what they're going to buy tonight.

My husband and I are going to have a post-Thanksgiving celebration with my family tomorrow. My family has no money to speak of, so there won't be any talk about shopping or Black Friday. Instead, we'll eat and probably spend the rest of the day avoiding dishes, telling stories and playing games.

Yeah. It's different.

I wish I could get a card game started upstairs, but no one seems interested.
So I'm blogging instead.

I know this post should be full of "I'm grateful for"s and "Thank you"s, but I'm sure you've met your gratitude quota from Facebook by now. Sorry for the non-holiday-on-a-holiday post.
I hope we can still be friends.
Now go get you some pumpkin pie.

07 November 2012

A List, For list-Lovers

I was out grocery shopping today and I realized that our car is filthy.

It was my husband's car before we got married. I had my own car, but it was relinquished from me under most unfortunate circumstances (which is the end of that story). So now it's our car, but I consider the general chaos and disorder of the interior to be his mess. Mainly because I'm insanely particular about things being in their proper place and knowing where all my stuff is at all times (I lent out a DVD and two books to three different people weeks ago and it still wakes me up at night when I try to remember who has what) so I don't typically leave random things behind in the car.

At this moment, the following items are kickin' it in our car, and I have no idea why:

  • a 25 year old ragged and torn towel
  • a coupon book that is so torn apart, it's more of a loose-leaf coupon collection
  • two spoons
  • a silk handkerchief
  • a keyboard belonging to an Apple computer
  • a Microsoft computer mouse
  • a roll of red electrical tape
  • wire cutters
  • my husband's Jedi lightsaber, which broke on Halloween when he wore it to school
He keeps saying he's going to clean it out, but it never happens. Which means I'm going to have to do it. Which means it may or may not get done within the next decade. Guess I'd better start getting comfortable with that random keyboard in there...

03 November 2012

got To Remember to Put titles on these Things

I'm going to go for a walk today. No lie. I'm going to do it. It's way too sunny and beautiful out there for me to not be out in it.
It's way too alive outside for me to stay in this basement all day. (Even if there is Netflix down here...)

But right now the baby is sleeping on my lap, and she's just so adorable with her legs curled up into her chest, that I can't bring myself to move her and put her in the stroller. When she wakes up, we'll go.

It's a wonder how she fits so perfectly on my lap. Human beings start out so small... At one point in time, I must have been this small, too. Difficult to believe.

Ooops, she woke up. And now we're nursing again and i'm literally reduced to typing with one hand so say good-bye to puntuation and capitilization and while we're at it say good-bye to spell-checker too.

when i first started breast-feeding it was great, i thought to myself, this is awesome, so healthy for the baby and this way we'll really bond and all that other good stuff. i'm going to be a good mom and nurse exclusively for at least six months.

and then i realized how often a baby eats.


like 8 times a day, everyday, for months on end!! it can take up to an hour for one feeding including burping and switching sides...that's 8 hours a day. do the math: 1/3 of my life for the next four months (at least) is going to be spent breast-feeding. one-freaking-third of my life. good grief, how do other mothers get anything done?? especially nursing mothers with other children to take care of. i know it must be possible because humans have been doing it for thousands of years, but that fact does not offer as much reassurance as you might think.

(oh good, done nursing, I can have my left hand back)

So the other two-thirds...aw drat, I finally have both hands to blog with, but it looks like we're in need of a new diaper. Aw crap, and a new onesie.


Motherhood is such a trip.