16 March 2012

Returning From vacation To reality

I have phone calls to make today. I hate making phone calls. The only thing worse than making phone calls is knowing that I have phone calls to make. And that they have to be made today. Ugh. Phone calls.

I'd rather do nothing at all.

Not true. I want to be doing something. I don't know what I want to be doing exactly, just that I want to do more than nothing.

And so I sit, getting nothing done as I avoid my phone. Wishing I was somewhere else, getting something done.

Seems like most of my life lately is spent wishing I was somewhere else.

Like, a place with a dishwasher, for instance.

Ugh. Dishes.

02 March 2012

I Try To avoid Life, but Sometimes It corners You

Nearly every dish I own needs to be washed, and I have research to finish up for two episodes of the Arts and Facts podcast that will be recorded tomorrow (that blog has had a makeover recently, you should have a look), laundry needs to be put away...

...and instead, I'm blogging.

So many other things I ought to be doing right now. So little desire to do any of it.

Couple of reasons why:
  • I'm tired. This should go without saying by now, but just in case you've forgotten: I. Am. Tired.
  • I don't feel well. Estimated to be functioning at 65% capacity presently.
  • I'm distracted by thoughts of St. George
Not the Saint George, the-Christian-martyr-dragon-slaying-one-of-the-Fourteen-Holy-Helpers Saint George (although he is a fairly interesting figure and I can see why you might think that...). I'm talking about the town St. George, located in southern Utah. 

My grandparents have a townhouse in St. George (well, specifically Santa Clara, but I'm an out-of-towner, so it may as well be the same thing) and my mother and my sister are going to spend a week there. And they invited me to come along.


It's going to be fantastic, mostly just because it's going to be warm. And I'll get to see the sun again. And it'll be warm. With sun. ^_^ Upper 60s and lower 70s (Fahrenheit) with 0% chance of precipitation. 
Let me explain to you why this is a big deal to me, big enough to distract me from my general life duties.

Where I am now: it's 27 degrees outside and it's cloudy, dreary, and soggy. It's no bueno. I can't seem to warm up, even when I'm in-doors. It keeps snowing at unexpected moments and leaves everything sopping wet. No me gusta.

But I can endure this crap weather. Because on Monday I'm leaving for St. George. Why are we waiting till Monday? Why not go now? Let's just leave. Let's go! Let's pack up and hit the road now! Woo-hoo!!

Oh wait...

All of my dishes are dirty...
And the laundry's gotta be put away...
And I have to record for Arts and Facts tomorrow...

Guess I should get started on all that, huh?

01 March 2012

where's The Edit > Undo option For thursdays?

This day blows. I quit. I just quit.

 I'm hungry (I think...probably...) but the thought of food, specifically eating it, is nearly unbearable.

But I gotta eat something. Not good to go without food.

So I nibbled a cracker.


So I nibbled some cheese.


Then I thought about (didn't actually do it, just considered it) eating some yogurt.


I blame the prenatal I'm on. I'm trying out all these sample packs from the doctor's office, finding one that fits, and this week's special experience goes to: CitraNatal Assure. It's supposed to be "gentle" and "natural" and there are no side-effects listed. It sounded great on paper.

I call shenanigans.

I've had enough of this nonsense, I'm tossing this junk and moving on to the next pack. And then I'm going to go try to sleep this off...