31 August 2011

wednesday morning Adventures

As I walked out of the City Justice Center this morning, slightly disgruntled but comforted in the knowledge that at least I would make it to work on time, I noticed a man coming towards me on a bike. 
He was kinda dirty and probably homeless; but even dirty homeless people deserve a friendly "hello" in the mornings. So I raised my head and was about to verbalize a greeting as he passed, but he cut my off by yelling, yelling, in my face, "HOW'S THE WITCHES DOIN'??" and then zoomed away.
I was slightly startled. I jumped a little. If there had been anyone else in the near vicinity, I would have assumed he was yelling at them. But I could tell, by the contempt in his voice (persumably, towards witches) and his glance, that the inquiry was directed at me.
Dirty, homeless, and crazy.
I hope whoever gave him the bike is also regulating his medication.

30 August 2011

I regret My Decisions

I ate three chocolate chip cookies for dinner.


I let my car's plates expire and didn't drive it for a few months and then the city towed it away and I just sat around hoping that it would be the end of my car (stupid-effing-gar-grumblegrumble-dadgummit-dumb-car!) and that there would be no subsequent consequences.

There's now a $270 fine waiting for me to pay it off. (stupid-effing-gar-grumblegrumble-dadgummit-dumb-car!)

-I really hate my car, guys. It has cost me more grief and money than any other single element in my life. And there are a lot more details in the story of why the plates expired and why I didn't drive it, but those details are not interesting enough for me to want to type them. So withhold your judgement. Just wanted you to know. -

And I just remembered:
I've had a reimbursement check from an insurance company in my purse for several days now, and all I have to do to deposit that into my bank account is leave for work 10-15 minutes earlier than I usually do. And I haven't yet. Why? I play my Gamecube until the last possible minute, and then I rush out the door and hope against hope that I won't be late for work.


Oh groan. Oh fail.

26 August 2011

this Is for Lee

An African-American kid came up to my husband and complained, "My hands are all black."

My husband looked this kid up and down and said, "Dude, so's the rest of you."


...you're welcome, Lee.

12 August 2011

I'm posting This From email....hopefully It Works

I went on a camping trip earlier this week. And I'm not a camper (as those of you who know me are aware). But you know what?
It was okay.
I spent time with family that I haven't seen in a long time. We played games that I have missed playing. I slept (a lot) which felt great. I relaxed, watched the stars, shared good food and much laughter.
And then it was time to go home. (dun dun dun)
We took down the tent, packed up all our belongings that had scattered through the campsite and into the other tent (o.O) and then we had to tote all those heavy bags to the car and then we had to gather the food that we hadn't eaten and figure out what belonged to who and who wanted what and which cooler it should be separated into...gah! And then we toted those coolers to the car and the sleeping bags and foam pad and dutch ovens and roasting sticks and blankets and utensils and random plastic bins and the camping stove and games and chairs (deep breath) and toted all of that into the car.
Drove home and proceeded to unload aaaaaaaall that stuff back into the apartment. Gah!
And then I (and husband) unpacked all of it and put it all away, which required some creative reorganizing of our closets, and then I (not husband) washed all of the dishes that we had used during the trip as well as all the dishes I didn't have the energy to wash before we left.
More exhausted.
What is the point of going on a vacation if you feel like this when you get back? I'm more worn out now than I was before we left. I just want to go to bed and not move FOR. EVER.
But I have work in the morning.
Conclusion: I may give this camping-thing another chance (maybe), but I'm never going camping with mononucleiosis ever again.
=__= (<----- I don't actually know what this face officially means, but it looks tired to me. And that's what I'm trying to convey. Tired.)